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Shinkyokushin evolved from traditional kyokushin [Ultimate Truth] karate and it's founder Sosai Mas Oyama.

Until 1994 Kyokushin karate was a united worldwide organization. Upon the death of Mas Oyama kyokushin splintered into 3 main organizations: IKO1, IKO2, IKO3. [International Karate Organization]

In 2003 IKO2 renamed itself Shinkyokushin [New Ultimate Truth] and operates internationally as the WKO. The organization is governed by president Kenji Midori of Japan, former world champion. Under the leadership of Shihan Midori Shinkyokushin has grown to be the largest of the kyokushin organizations.

Despite the changes internationally, traditional kyokushin karate as taught by Mas Oyama remains strong within each organization. Traditional kyokushin is often referred as the "hardest" and is reknowned for it's full contact fighting style.

To learn more follow our link to the WKO website or the many shinkyokushin/kyokushin sites found on the internet.