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Program Information

Children’s Program:
Our children’s program is open to children 6 and above. The program is based upon learning the fundamentals of karate : balance, coordination, flexibility, and overall fitness. It is designed to instill discipline, respect, goal setting while improving concentration and focus. The program is conducted in a safe, healthy and enjoyable environment for your child. There is very limited contact at this level.

Children's Advanced Program:
This program builds upon the skills developed during the beginner program. Students who have completed two years in the beginner program are generally promoted to this level. The focus is the application of the skills developed during the beginner program in sparring and self defense situations. Students have the option of tournament participation at this level.

Adult Program:
Our adult program is designed to meet the needs and interests of all levels of martial artists. Whether you are looking for fitness or wish to become a full contact competitor our program will meet your needs. The program is generally for ages 14 and above. Younger students may be accepted if they have previously participated in our children’s program. An advanced program is offered once per week.